A Macleod father has experienced a major existential crisis after one too many probing questions from his 3-year-old son Harry. The man, Trent Davidson, had been answering multiple questions for almost 12 months before this particular Q&A session on the walk back from the park tipped him over the edge. 

The severity of the existential crisis was so extreme that Trent cannot recall the actual question that finally melted his brain and had him questioning his whole life up until that point. But he does remember some of the ferocious volley of questions that were thrown at him by Harry. They included “Why is that bird green? Why does a Rhino have a horn? Why did the dinosaurs all die? Why do cows say moo?” Each of Trent’s answers were met with a “but why?” from Harry, before Trent completely blacked out and woke up on his couch asking family and friends what had happened. 

Finally mustering the courage to speak publicly about the incident, Trent said “it’s really thrown me, I’m now questioning everything that I once took for granted. I mean why is red the universal colour for stop? Why do dogs have four legs? And why am I on this earth, at this time in history, and in this body?”